About Us


It all began for our family back in January 1968 when my grandfather, George A. Miller, opened his first liquor store in the South End of Beaumont.  It was near Mobil Oil Refinery, on Doucette Ave. to be exact, and was called M&M Package Store.  A year later we acquired a second store on Railroad Avenue, now M L King Jr Pkwy.  My grandfather & father bought the old Jones Boys Movers building and within a year the city wanted to buy it.  The City of Beaumont wanted to build an underpass right there so they bought the property from us and we moved to another property on Washington Blvd.  In 1973, my father, Dennis W. Miller, opened yet another location in the West End of Beaumont on Dowlen Road.  He incorporated the business and changed the name to M&M Liquors, Inc.  In 1985, my grandfather passed away, but his great legacy and story continued.  In 1987 we opened our current West End store on Phelan Blvd. and closed the one on Dowlen.  With this move, we could be seen more easily and had much more parking!  We also changed the business name to Miller’s Discount Liquor.  In 1988 we bought another store in the South End of Beaumont on Ave. A.  Both stores, to this day, are thriving beautifully.  In 1997, I began to have a huge interest in business, particularly ours.  A passion was growing inside of me for the history & making of wine and spirits.  It was like I was meant to be there!  As the thirst for learning about the goods and products we sold grew, so did my passion for “serving the community” and having excellent “customer relations.”  Trying to grow trust, grow more brands and choices, grow volume and blow away any competition became my mission in life.  In 2002 I married my wonderful husband, Michael, and a few years later he was hooked and fully engaged in the business as well, helping my father and me run the two stores.  It feels awesome knowing we’re moving into a third generation family business, loving what we do and how we do it, and best of all, serving this great community called Beaumont, Tx.